Biofeedback is the process of gaining awareness. It enables an individual to learn how to change their physiological activity for the purpose of improving health and performance.The idea is that if an individual is provided with increased information about what is going on inside their body, they can learn to gain control over them. Precise instruments in leading edge biomedical technology are used to measure physiological activity such as brainwaves, heart function, muscle activity, respiration, as well as skin conductance and temperature. These devises accurately feed-back information to the user in real time.

Watching or listening to the instrument give continuous measurements of a person’s bodily functions is often in conjunction with changes in thinking, emotions, behavior, and environment (nutrition, physical activity, etc). Over time, these changes become lasting without continued use of an instrument and the client gains increased self-regulation of the Central and Autonomic Nervous Systems.

A healer's power stems not from any special ability, but from maintaining the courage and awareness to embody and express the universal healing power that every human being naturally possesses.
Eric Micha’el Leventhal