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Decision Making

  Decision making can be a difficult task. In fact, sometimes it seems that the less important the choices are the more difficult it is to make the decision. What to eat for dinner? What movie to go see? So many choices and so many ways we can be swayed. Serious decisions however, are sometimes…

Coffee and Stress

    Starbucks has officially brought out the red coffee cups and department stores are hauling out wreathes, lights, and warm smelling candles. With the new store items in sight, comes a little extra chaos due to the natural hustle and bustle of the holidays. Anxious and overwhelmed, you grip the two page food list…


What are athletes made of?

It all boils down to that one moment. The moment where all your hard work, training and devotion has led you to. The moment to make that one decision or shot that will define the direction of your future. The moment when pressure, stress, anxiety and fear of failure are your biggest obstacles. And then…


New Year, New You

Almost everyone of us has at least one major new year resolution that they swear they will live up to this year. This is the year that they are gonna make it happen! And then one by one we start to slack and slide down a slippery slope of excuses which eventually turns into our utter disappointment. Why is it so hard to change?